Thursday, September 5, 2013

Names of "The Deportees" Remembered

Sixty-five years ago, on January 28, 1948, a plane took off from Oakland, California and crashed, killing the two pilots, flight attendant and 29 passengers.  The passengers were 1 immigration official and 28 Mexicans who were being deported from the United States.  Some of the passengers were in the U.S. legally under the Bracero Program and some crossed the border.  Notably, their names were not known and the group was relegated to being called the "deportees."  Woody Guthrie famously wrote the song "Deportee" to remember the people who died in the crash.  

As the LA times reported in June 2013 and Kevin Johnson blogged here, the names of the "deportees" are now known.  This week, the NY Times reported, the names of the passengers were memorialized and honored in Fresno, California.  


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Thanks for posting about this Rose. Here's a wonderful new rendition of "Deportees" done by Lance Canales that includes the names of the people who died:

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Thanks César!

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