Sunday, August 4, 2013

UK Accused of Racial Profiling in Immigration Enforcement

Racial profiling long has been a serious problem in U.S. immigration enforcement, with Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio a poster child for the unlawful practice.  As it turns out, similar problems and concerns exist in the United Kingdom.

The Home Office is facing an investigation into whether its officials broke the law by carrying out “racist” spot checks to find undocumented immigrants; domestic violence victims may also have been questioned about their right to be in Britain.

Photo Courtesy of The Drum

On August 1, The Telegraph reported that British immigration enforcement officers arrested 139 suspected immigration offenders. The raids in London, Durham, Manchester, Wales and Somerset have been criticised for targeting people based on "racial profiling."   The move is the latest attempt by the Government to crack down on those illegally in the country, following a controversial advertising van campaign and reports of stop and check operations near London train stations.


Comedian David Schneider tweeted: "I'm enjoying @ukhomeoffice's tweeting of the preliminary rounds of the UK Hunger Games."  The novel, later adapted into a film, is set in a future in which government selects children by lottery to compete in a battle to the death.

A Labor spokesmen has accused the Home Office of creating a "moral panic" over undocumented immigrants.  Conservatives have criticized the program as well.


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