Saturday, January 26, 2013

Immigration Priorities from SIREN

From Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network:

Dear Friends and Partners of SIREN,

Happy New Year!  Thank you again for investing in and partnering with SIREN.

Every year SIREN board, staff and community leaders determine how to improve the lives of immigrants in Santa Clara County by identifying key focus areas.  While there are a number of issues to address, priorities are based on SIREN values, capacity, and platform.

This will be an exciting year!  We hope that you will be able to partner with us to ensure immigrants are valued, integrated, and seen as essential to our society.  Our 2013 issue priorities are:
                ♦ Just Immigration Policies and Civil Rights: SIREN will work with local organizations to
                    develop a Santa Clara County Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) strategy.  In addition,
                    SIREN will continue working with other advocates to protect the current detainer policy, which
                    was a policy that minimizes collaboration between local law enforcement and immigration
                    enforcement officials.
                ♦ Quality Immigration Services: As the site leader for the New Americans Campaign, SIREN
                    will hold large scale collaborative events throughout the year at diverse locations across Santa
                    Clara County, bringing citizenship resources to historically underserved and underrepresented
                    communities.  With CET, we will lead the planning and coordination of the annual Citizenship
                    Day.  Additionally, we will continue providing quality and affordable deferred action (DACA)
                    services to young immigrants, and providing free eligibility screening and document review on
                    a weekly basis.
                ♦ Immigrant Empowerment: In strengthening and deepening the participation level and
                    leadership of immigrants, SIREN will continue to focus on the Seven Trees community and
                    engage them in advocacy efforts to bring about the changes they see necessary in their lives
                    such as the detainer policy, and participating in Immigrant Day and April Action Days in the
                    capital.  In addition, SIREN will launch its “Welcome to Silicon Valley” public safety campaign,
                    where community leaders will be meeting with law enforcement officials to address priorities
                    in the Seven Trees community, increase trust, and find common sense solutions to ensuring
                    public safety.
                ♦ Ensure quality, equal and affordable health care regardless of status: SIREN will
                    develop community education materials to address the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and
                    will launch an education campaign to ensure that immigrants understand the benefits and
                    services available.
                ♦ Affordable and Culturally Appropriate Safety Net Programs: SIREN will continue to
                    organize around increasing revenues to preserve the safety net in California.

Again, thank you for investing in SIREN.  We hope that you will continue being a partner with SIREN in our efforts to advance immigrant rights!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Diaz, Executive Director, at (408) 453-3003, extension 106.

In Solidarity

From the SIREN Team,
Patricia Diaz, Executive Director
Viridiana Reyes, Finance & Administrative Assistant
Zelica Rodriguez-Deams, Policy & Organizing Program Director
Vanessa Sandoval, Immigration Legal Services Program Director
Jazmin Segura, Federal Policy Advocate
Tiffanie Le, Immigration Program Associate
Blanca Hernandez, Community Organizer
Lucila Ortiz, Leadership Development Coordinator


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