Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Border: Illegal Immigration’s Shifting Frontier

In a major investigation about changes in immigration patterns, ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella reports that the greatest flow of immigrants to the United States are no longer from Mexico, but from 3 impoverished Central American countries where people are fleeing local violence or poverty and trying to make it across Mexico's southern border safely. In the piece, Rotella:

* Explains how Mexico's southern frontier has become a national security concern for U.S., Mexican and Central American leaders and why these countries don't have the resources to fight immigration and maintain stability by fighting gangs and drug trafficking;

* Shows how most non-Mexican migrants come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, in part because of crime and extreme violence at home;

* Reports on the routes Central Americans take to come here (such as La Bestia) and how they're often terrorized by drug gangs like the Zetas who kidnap, shake down, rob and rape them;

* Shares the personal stories of Oscar & Jennifer Cruz and "Marco" and how much they paid, what they went through and why they decided to come to America;

* Notes how terrorists have tried to come here by using the Central America through Mexico routes;

* And what Mexican and American officials are doing to stop this new influx of illegal immigration.


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