Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Herring? What the Heck?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Americans are thinking about delicious Turkey.  Or is that tradition changing? 

In the immigrant capital of Los Angeles, Thanksgiving does not always involve turkey and mashed potatoes. In LA, Thanksgiving dinner may include a kebab or mole.  Turkey mole truly is the best.

"For those who eat turkey, there will be birds basted with butter, sure, just as there will be turkeys on tables throughout Southern California that have been stuffed with a delectable sticky rice mixture, Chinese style, rubbed with chile powder and served with chocolatey black mole Oaxacan style, or marinated in a garlic-sour orange Cuban-style mojo to make it, frankly, tastier."

Read on by clicking here and finding out what some other Angelenos are eating on Turkey Day.


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