Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raising Latino Children in an Anti-Immigrant World

A recent article that I co-authored argued that hate crimes against Latino immigrants can be attributred to the hateful rhetoric used in talking about immigrants, immigration, and immigration reform.  Jeffrey Kluger in Time reminds us all of some of the less obvious harms of the coarse, hateful, and at times racist speech about immigrants and immigration from Mexico:  

"At stake for kids who absorb too much anti-immigrant demagoguery is more than pride in ethnicity, but their deeper sense of self-esteem. It’s not a coincidence that children who grow up in environments in which their own worth — or, just as bad, the worth of kin and clan — is under attack also exhibit higher rates of premature sexuality, drug abuse and criminality. These kinds of behaviors are all ways to try to fit in or make some kind of mark."


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