Wednesday, November 28, 2012

National Study of Domestic Service Workers

STEVEN GREENHOUSE of the N.Y. Times reports that domestic service workers -- nannies, caregivers and housecleaners  -- earn a median wage of about $10 an hour, and few receive benefits like health insurance or paid sick days, according to the first-ever national statistical study of domestic workers, which is released yesterday. The study, based on interviews with 2,086 workers in 14 major metropolitan areas, found substantial differences in pay across ethnicity, immigration status and whether the worker lived with her employer.


In important respects, the study's fiondings are not particularly surprising.  The classic book on the plight of domestic service workers is Maid in the USA by Dr. Mary Romero, which was recently released its 10th Anniversary Edition.  Romero worked her way through graduate school as a domestic service worker and has many keen insights about the treatment of these workers.  She was an advisor on the National Study of Domestic Service Workers.



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