Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DREAM-Lite Bill Introduced by Republicans

Yesterday, Senators Kyl, Hutchison, and McCain introduced legislation that would affect DREAMers, but without a pathway to citizenship. The timing is curious, especially since both Kyl and Hutchinson are retiring.
More in-depth analysis to come later, but following are the some of the requirements for the initial W-1 visa (which would allow individuals to go to college or join the military, and grants work authorization, ability to travel, no benefit to other family members).  There is then the opportunity to apply for two additional visas, each with their own additional respective fees, including fees for renewal. There is no direct pathway to citizenship. Some of the key requirements for the initial W-1 Visa include:
·         Must have entered the U.S. prior to age 14
·         Must be under the age of 29 on day of enactment, or 32 if individual has a college degree
·         5 years continuous presence on day of enactment
·         High school diploma or GED
·         Good moral character, no felonies, not more than one misdemeanor with a jail term of 30 days with certain exceptions, no crimes of “moral turpitude” and no final order of removal
·         $525 fee

Click here for the language of the so-called "Achieve Act."


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