Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Truth About American Muslims

From Wajahat Ali:


Pardon the back to back to emails, but proud to announce the release of What is the Truth about American Muslims? Questions and Answers,

It's an important pamphlet I co-wrote with Dr. Hussein Rashid (Hofstra),  Dr. Charles Haynes (First Amendment Center), and the invaluable input, suggestions, edits and revisions from numerous scholars, experts and faith leaders. It's produced by the First Amendment Center and Interfaith Alliance.

This new document, What is the Truth about American Muslims? Questions and Answers, is an attempt to provide accurate information, clear misconceptions and delve into the law of religious freedom, the history of American Muslims in the United States, explain misunderstood terms and practices, including Jihad and Shariah, and show how the "creeping Shariah threat" is bogus.

It's a short, 9 page document meant for broad, diverse audiences. It's been endorsed and co-sponsored by a fantastic coalition of the willing including the following groups:

- Southern Poverty Law Center
- Sojourners
- Rabbis for Human Rights
- Sikh Coalition
- New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good
- African American Ministers Leadership Council
- ING and others

Here's the link.

If you would like copies for your communities, congregation, etc please contact: Interfaith Alliance: Shannon Craig Straw,, 202/265-3000



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