Thursday, October 4, 2012

North Carolina Law Review Symposium: Race Trials


On Friday, October 5, 2012, the North Carolina Law Review will be hosting its thirteenth annual Symposium, Race Trials, at the Great Hall in Frank Porter Graham Student Union at the University of North Carolina.

The Race Trials symposium brings together academic leaders in the fields of legal history, race and ethnic studies, trial advocacy, ethics, and outsider jurisprudence (both Critical Race Theory and LatCrit Theory) to address the complex phenomenon of trials involving race, from historical and contemporary perspectives. The Symposium looks to the ways that race has affected the progress and outcome of both civil and criminal trials and how those trials have subsequently shaped lives, law, and culture. Trials appear as responses to, gauges and shapers of attitudes towards race. T

The Symposium also looks at how race continues to influence trials today, how race influences the fairness and outcome of trials, and what the near future holds as the United States moves towards a more diverse, multiracial society.

Our distinguished speakers are:

■  Alejandro de la Fuente, University of Pittsburgh;

■  Ariela Gross, University of Southern California;

■  Steven Lubet, Northwestern University;

■  Martha Jones, University of Michigan;

■  Anthony Alfieri, University of Miami;

■  Jack Chin, University of California Davis;

■  Richard Delgado, Seattle University;

■  Dean Kevin Johnson, University of California, Davis; and

■  Cynthia Lee, George Washington University


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