Thursday, October 4, 2012

Los Angeles Police Chief Resists Secure Communities

In response to the unfair application of Secure Communites LAPD Chief takes a bold step.

Joel Rubin and Andrew Blankstein write for the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stepped into the national immigration debate Thursday, announcing that hundreds of undocumeted immigrants arrested by his officers each year in low-level crimes would no longer be turned over to federal authorities for deportation.

The new rules, which are expected to affect about 400 people arrested each year, mark a dramatic attempt by the nation's second-largest police department to distance itself from federal immigration policies that Beck says unfairly treat undocumented immigrants suspected of committing petty offenses.

It's the latest in a series of moves by Beck to redefine the Los Angeles Police Department's position on immigration issues. Earlier this year, the chief pushed through a controversial plan that limits the cases in which police officers impound vehicles of drivers operating without a license — a group consisting largely of undocumented immigrants. And he came out in favor of issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Read more....


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