Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Latin America Ignored At Third U.S. Presidential Debate




There is lots of critical analysis in the news of the third and final debate between U.S. Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  As this piece on Huffington Post by Roque Planas observes, Latin America unfortunately does not seem to be at the forefront of either of the candidates' global outlook: 

"In a debate centered on foreign policy, President Barack Obama and his GOP opponent Mitt Romney found ways to mention Detroit and Massachusetts, while completely ignoring Mexico -- the country of origin of 60 percent of undocumented workers in the United States, the site of a U.S.-led drug war that has claimed an estimated 60,000 lives, and the ancestral country of some 33 million U.S. Latinos . . . . Mexico is also the United States' third largest trade partner, federal data indicates."



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