Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Human Rights Needs of Immigrant Women

From Breakthrough:

Americans Call on Presidential Candidates to Address Real Needs And Human Rights of Immigrant Women

Inhumane system forces mothers to choose between protecting children and tearing families apart

NEW YORK — Millions of Americans have clamored for the presidential candidates to articulate a vision for fair, common-sense policies that respect the fundamental human rights of immigrants — especially the immigrant women who are disproportionately affected by our broken, inhumane system. In last night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took at least one small step: they said the word “immigration” for the first time in over 200 minutes of pre-election debate — and sparred over what hasn’t been done and what hasn’t been working. But both have much farther to go, say voters and advocates for immigrant and women’s rights.

“Last night, President Obama finally — and rightly — spoke about immigrants to America as human beings: people and families who have made both tough choices and great contributions. He rightly noted that immigrants are entrepreneurs and job creators. He rightly characterized Arizona’s SB1070 law as inviting racial profiling and criticized its architect, Kris Kobach — Mitt Romney’s immigration advisor — who is behind the most heartless and damaging immigration policies this nation has seen. He rightly dismissed ‘self-deportation’ as cruelty, not policy,” said Mallika Dutt, president and CEO of global human rights group Breakthrough. “But neither candidate connected all the dots. They talked about violence, but not about violence against women or immigrant women — women like Norma Ortiz, who called the cops to report her violent partner and was nearly deported herself. They talked about the wage gap, but not the wider one faced by immigrant women. They talked about the 'middle class,' but not about the millions of hard-working families forced to live in the shadows.

“Americans are looking to the next president to develop immigration policy that bolsters our economy by supporting immigrants — and that upholds the American values of dignity, equality, and justice for all. We need common-sense immigration reform that will allow hard-working women and men to live freely and without fear in the country that they love.”


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