Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diva Restaurant Protest, Somerville, MA

From Centro Presente:

Members of Rude Mechanical Orchestra ( joined a community standards picket at Diva Restaurant in Davis Sq. on Friday, Oct. 5 before the Honk! Festival.

The owner of Diva restaurant in Davis Sq. (Somerville, Massachusetts) has been treating its employees unfairly.

The Somerville-based immigrant rights group, Centro Presente has launched a campaign to support workers at Diva and other restaurants managed by the One World Cuisine restaurant group. One World Cuisine is owned by Amrik Pabla.

Former One World Cuisine workers (including at Diva) are victims of wage theft. They report having worked more than 70 hour weeks, but being paid under the minimum wage and not paid overtime. Some workers report not being paid at all.
With support from Centro Presente, the workers have been meeting to plan strategies to recover their wages, to learn about their rights and to educate the public about the exploitation of immigrant labor.

Call Amrik Pabla at (617) 262-4770 and ask him to pay the workers what they are owed.

For more information, call Centro Presente at (617) 629-4731. Centro Presente is a state-wide Latino organization that advocates for immigrant rights and for economic and social justice.


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