Thursday, May 31, 2012

DREAMEers Never Quit; Immigration Law Profs Weigh In

Julia Preston on the New York Times reports on the continuing activism of undocuymented students who claim that the Obama administration has not done enough to diminish the threat of deportations they face despite repeated promises.  The campaign is led by the United We Dream Network.

This week, student leaders presented the White House with a letter signed by more than 90 immigration law professors who argued that the president has “clear executive authority” to halt deportations of undocumented students who might benefit from the DREAM Act. The professors pointed to three specific measures the president could take under existing laws to defer deportations. 


The law professors’ letter is response to administration officials who have said that the President lacks the authority to provide relief to large groups of noncitizens. One measure they cite was used by President Jimmy Carter to admit thousands of Cubans to the United States in 1980 in the Mariel boatlift. Professor Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA) was an author of the letter. Download ExecutiveAuthorityForDREAMRelief28May2012withSignatures


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