Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UFW Website Featuring Voices of La Causa

From the United Farm Workers:

Please help us spread the word about a very exciting new project which we launched today? As part of the UFW's 50th anniversary, we are trying to capture the stories of people who have helped w/la causa. To do this we just launched a interactive website, http://www.ufwstories.com. Stories need not involve momentous events. We are searching for tales of countless every-day acts of support and selflessness that allowed the UFW to succeed. This novel web site acknowledges people whose important contributions are too often ignored or forgotten.

Can you please help us spread the word? Check out the stories that have already been posted. The user friendly site allows you to like stories so they will appear on your Facebook page, or tweet them out on like on Google+.

Thanks as always for your help. If you have any questions email me at jsherman12@aol.com.

Jocelyn Sherman



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