Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Offshoring Immigrant Investors

Timothy Lee on ARS TECHNICA has an interesting story about "business immigrant incubators."  Some of the Silicon Valley's most important companies, including Intel, Google, and Yahoo, were founded by immigrants. The U.S. immigration system makes it difficult for talented young people born outside of the United States to come here.

"There have been various proposals to make it easier for immigrant entrepreneurs to come to the United States, but they've made no progress in Congress. So a new company called Blueseed is seeking to bypass the political process and solve the problem directly. Blueseed plans to buy a ship and turn it into a floating incubator anchored in international waters off the coast of California."


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More U.S. Students Studying Abroad

International Education Week
By Allan E. Goodman

The Open Doors 2011 Report on International Educational Exchange found that international student enrollment at American colleges and universities has been growing steadily for the past five years, reaching a record high of 723,277 in 2010. The largest increase came from China, with Chinese student numbers rising by 23%—the fourth consecutive year of double-digit increases. International students contribute more than $21 billion to the US economy. There are now 32% more international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities than there were a decade ago.
  The number of US students studying abroad has also grown, increasing by 88% in the past decade. The number continues to rise, with 270,604 American students studying abroad in the 2009–10 academic year, up 4% from the previous year.
  It is positive news that our higher education institutions continue to excel in attracting students from all over the world, and in preparing American students to succeed in an increasingly global environment. The international skills that students gain are crucial to their ability to succeed in global careers and work together across borders to address important world issues.
  It is important that we as educators work to try to ensure that all students have the opportunity to study abroad. We are grateful to the donors and sponsors who support scholarships that make it possible for more students to study outside of their own countries.


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Immigrant Rights Cookbook Sale


Cyber Monday starts now!
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Give twice this holiday season…with NNIRR’s new cookbook –
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Sustaining the Movement for Immigrant Rights
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“Clearly, food has become one of the primary entrées of our social interaction. From these exchanges we have gotten to know more about one another: where we come from, our family and broader communities, some of the specific characters from our lives, and the origins of our values for social justice that often stem from these histories… And within the immigrant rights movement, we’ve learned how food from different cultures has introduced diverse communities to one another, building familiarity and bonds…”
Featuring 27 recipes and stories about how food helps to bridge communities and break down walls of intolerance. The delicious recipes in this 70-page collection were contributed by migrant groups representing over 18 nationalities, living in 21 cities across the US and around the globe.

This will be a wonderful present for friends and family - and yourself! Buy now for the holidays!
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Occupy San Francisco March for Immigrant Rights Photos by David Bacon

Participants in Occupy San Francisco live in tents in an encampment in Justin Herman Plaza. The camp protests the exploitation of 99% of the population by the wealthiest 1%, as well as police repression and removal of occupy encampments around the country, including the original New York City demonstration, Occupy Wall Street. Camp residents, together with supporters in immigrant rights organizations and unions, marched up Market Street. Marchers carried signs and banners declaring that immigrants are part of the 99%. Prior to the march, they hold a General Assembly to discuss possible actions if the city moves to evict the encampment from Justin Herman Plaza. During the meeting, people wave their fingers in the air to express agreement with the speaker. Other camp residents look through the books in the Occupy Library, or sit reading by their tents.




For more articles and images, see http://dbacon.igc.org


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THE LATINO CYBER-MORAL PANIC PROCESS IN THE UNITED STATES by Nadia Yamel Flores-Yeffala, Guadalupe Vidales, April Plemons

Abstract In the past few decades, the anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States has been influenced, in part, by the massive immigration of Latinos to the United States. The internet technology in the Web 2.0 age offers a new medium in which this anti-immigrant movement can appear and create what Cohen calls a 'moral panic', which we claim to has become a Latino cyber-moral panic. Of a subsample taken from 170 anti-immigrant websites, the authors examine the role of internet in the creation of a cyber-moral panic against Latinos in the United States in which they find the classic stages of moral panic must be modified and updated. Facilitated by the internet, a 'call for civil action' stage is added to the classic moral panic process in which donations and direct civil and political action are sought from online visitors. Recycled information is spread via other anti-immigrant websites, blogs, forums, and other social media, helping to accelerate the moral panic process due to the ability to quickly spread information, reach those who have access to online technologies and hardware, the assumption of anonymity, etc. Using the updated moral panic process model, the authors apply these stages to the current nativist movement which has resulted in a wave of hate crimes against immigrants, several pieces of new anti-immigrant legislation, and fostered an environment widespread discrimination, oppression, and dehumanization against the contemporary 'folk devils', or Latinos in the United States.


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Increase in little-used EB5 Investor Visa

From the San Francisco Examiner:

A visa program that puts rich foreigners who invest in the U.S. on the road to citizenship is picking up steam and could one day lead to hundreds of jobs and tens of millions of dollars in Bay Area investments, backers say.

In recent years, the once-sleepy EB-5 visa program has become the focus of global entrepreneurs on the hunt for secure investments and U.S. officials looking for ways to buoy a flailing U.S. economy.

Under the program, noncitizen investors who spend a million dollars — or $500,000 in an area with at least 150 percent of national unemployment — can qualify for an immigration visa that leads to a green card in two years. The catch: Their investment must create or maintain at least 10 U.S. jobs.

More such visas were requested last year than in any year since the program began in 1990, according to Marie Sebrechts, spokeswoman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. A staggering 40.9 percent of those came from China.

Yet none of several regional center chiefs could name a single Bay Area project already undertaken with EB-5 money. In fact, many centers have had trouble closing a single deal funded by EB-5 investors. Read more...


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Stretching the Truth, Michele Bachmann Claims that Newt is the Most Liberal Republican Candidate on Immigration

Michele Bachmann continued her attack on presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich as the most “liberal” Republican candidate for President, releasing a letter that she said indicates his support of amnesty for 11 million illegal workers. The letter was signed by Gingrich and other conservatives in support of President Bush's guest worker program. Gingrich said he could not understand Bachmann's reliance on the letter to show that he is pro-"amnesty" but stood by his position of a path to legalization for long term residents who are assimilated innto American social life.


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Sheriff Joe to Endorse Rick Perry for President?

Huffington Post reports that Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, an immigration enforcement zealot often a subject of ImmigrationProf posts, will endorse Governor Rick Perry for president, according to multiple sources. I am not sure whether this is what the Perry campaign needs to rejuvenate itself.


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