Monday, December 5, 2011

ICE Targets Fewer Criminals in Deportation Proceedings

New findings, data and accompanying web-based data tools -- updated through September 2011 -- are being released this week as part of TRAC's new report series allowing the public to monitor Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE's) exercise of prosecutorial discretion in the nation's Immigration Courts. This very current data shows that in ICE-initiated Immigration Court deportation proceedings during July-September 2011, only 7,378 individuals -- just 13.8 percent of the total -- were charged with having engaged in criminal activities. The proportion of alleged "criminals" of those targeted is down significantly from the already low level of 16.5 percent during FY 2010, and has been declining steadily throughout the past year. TRAC's findings -- based upon very recent case-by-case data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from Immigration Court files -- appear to contrast sharply with the White House's announcement that under the President's direction DHS during the past year has prioritized the removal of people who have been convicted of crimes in the United States.


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