Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Photographic History of Mexicans in Phoenix--An Interview with Frank Barrios

The Braun-Sacred Heart Center is pleased to make available an interview with Frank Barrios conducted in 2008 by Pete Dimas. Frank Barrios interprets for the community the relevance of the selected photographs he presents. The interview is a preliminary activity of the much larger documentary effort entitled Arizona’s Mexican Heritage: An American Story, an official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project due to be completed in 2012. While not a technologically “finished” product, Mr. Barrios’s knowledgeable interpretation serves to illuminate this largely unknown part of the Phoenix story and this interview is, therefore, of significant value to our community.

The interview is presented in three segments: the important role of Mexicans in the establishment and development of Phoenix; the role of the Catholic church in the Mexican community; and the extent of the barrios in Phoenix, entertainment that comes out of the barrios, and the re-emergence of political activity. In Part 1, Mr. Barrios describes a more open society that eventually moves to a segregated society. Part 2 includes the building, and then segregation of St. Mary’s, how the community fought back and then built Immaculate Heart Church, the role of Father Albert Braun at Sacred Heart Church, the role of Father Hurtado in the César Chávez fast and the recall efforts against the governor, and more. Part 3 includes Molly Cota, American Legion Post 41, and the first Mexican American governor of Arizona, Raul Castro.

This interview is only available on the rapidly improving Braun-Sacred Heart Center website, braunsacredheartcenter.com .  

The direct link is http://www.braunsacredheartcenter.com/frank-barrios-interview.html


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