Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A DREAMer Deported

What happened to the Morton memo's prosecutorial discretion?


Yesterday Ramon, a DREAMer from Kentucky, was deported.  Ramon had been living here since he was just 7 years old.  He was a very talented artist, while in high school he was recognized by Kentucky Governor Paul Patton for a mural he created. During his 111 days in detention word got out and Ramon found himself sketching portraits for other detainees to send to their loved ones on the outside. Not wanting send black and white drawings Ramon would go as far as using jelly beans to add color. Ramon has a 4-year old son, Gabriel, and a United States citizen wife whom he’ll never get to see again.

Ramon's deportation could have been stopped had more people taken action.

Demand Senator Reid and Senator Durbin Not Allow Another DREAMer to be Deported

The blame for this deportation falls squarely on the shoulders of our democratic senators - Senator Reid and Senator Durbin - who continue to refuse to advocate for DREAMers they deem ineligible.  Ramon was a DREAMer, he met all of the requirements and yet he was all but ignored by those who could have helped. Now these same senators are refusing to help another DREAMer, Cesar Montoya.

Call Senator Reid and Senator Durbin: 'Why Are You Allowing Cesar Montoya to be Deported?'

In August Cesar was pulled over for a basic traffic violation.  Instead of a ticket he was arrested and charged with driving without a license. Today is Cesar's 56th day in ICE detention. He was refused bond. Both Senator Reid and Senator Durbin refuse to advocate for Cesar. Will you make a call to these Senators and demand they not let Cesar fall through the cracks like they did Ramon?

Take a minute and make a call: Senator Reid: 202-224-3542 (push 1) & Senator Durbin: (202) 224-2152
"Hi, I was calling to voice my disappointment at the Senator for refusing to help DREAMer Ramon Aguirre, he was deported to Mexico yesterday.  I am really upset that the Senator is now refusing to help another DREAMer, Cesar Montoya (A#200-297-690).  Cesar has been detained for two months now, his only criminal record is a driving without a license charge.  He is DREAM Act eligible, why is the Senator not helping Cesar?"

It is sad that we need to push even our strongest allies to help.  We know the Obama administration is full of lies but we didn't expect the same from our Senate allies. Work with us to keep them in line.

Thank you for your help and please keep Heidi, Gabriel and the rest of Ramon's family in your thoughts.

Maria Marroquin


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