Friday, September 23, 2011

The Law and Order SVU Version of the DSK Case

Law and Order SVU aired its season premiere ("Scorched Earth") on Wednesday night with a great episode ripped from the headlines. It also looks at th erealities facing refugees, U.S., asylum law, and rape as a form of persecution in military conflicts in Africa. Here is the episode description:

"Moments after a businessman leaves a hotel room, a maid stumbles into the hallway sobbing. At the squad room, Cragen gets word that a maid claims she was assaulted by Roberto DiStasio, the odds-on favorite to be Italy's next prime minister. At the hospital, Benson interviews the maid who describes a grisly tale of sexual assault. At the hotel room, Detective Amanda Rollins - a new hire from Atlanta PD - finds a semen sample on the floor. Moments later, Fin and Munch track down and arrest DiStasio before his plane takes off. "

Sound kind of like the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case?


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