Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good News on Deportation Priorities of the Obama Administration

Julianne Hing on ColorLines reports that the the Department of Homeland Security has issued new guidelines that will allow some people who are currently facing deportation to have their cases stayed. Authorities from DHS and the Department of Justice will review on a case by case basis the 300,000 people facing deportation. Immigrants facing deportation who are not a high priority for deportation, such as those with no criminal record or those who immigrated to the U.S. as young children, will be removed from the queue.

The new administration directive builds on DHS policy on prosecutorial discretion released earlier this year.  We hope for the best as the new direction is implemented.  See the White House blog for an explanation of its new removals priority policy.

UPDATE (Aug. 19):  For somewhat skeptical take on the administration's announcement with which I am sympathetic, see Dan Kowalski's post on Bender's Immigration Bulletin.


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