Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest Blogger Hannah Watson: Top Web Resources for Labor and Immigration Law

Top Web Resources for Labor and Immigration Law

If you’re a small business owner and are faced with the decision of hiring an immigrant or are outsourcing work to an employee who would like to move to the United States, you need to consider all of the legal issues associated with employing non-U.S. citizens. Managing the paperwork for naturalized citizens, workers with green cards or visas, and workers who expect sponsorship is a tricky, tedious undertaking. Keep reading for top web resources that can help you understand labor and immigration law.

· The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO): The EEO clearly lists all of the laws prohibiting employers from discriminating against job applicants on this site, including discriminating on the basis of national origin, race and religion. (

· This website for small business owners and human resources professionals offers up lots of advice and information about foreign labor, immigration, employment law and related issues. You can learn how to obtain H-1B Visas for your workers, consider guest worker systems, read immigration news and policy updates, and more. (

· Employment and Labor Laws: lists many resources for understanding employment law, including hiring foreign workers, learning about immigration, and more. (

· United States Department of Labor Hiring Issues: The DOL has an entire section devoted to sharing information about hiring foreign workers. Check this official site for direct laws and guidelines for working with non-U.S. citizens. (

· National Immigration Law Center Employment Issues: On the NILC’s website, you’ll find a page for employment issues outlining immigrant rights, eligibility, protection status, taxpayer information, antidiscrimination protection, and plenty more. (

· United States Department of Labor Hiring Foreign Workers: This page offers information about DOL labor certifications by industry, compensating foreign workers, visas and more. It’s also a good resource for finding sponsorship and other forms. (

· Foreign Labor Certification: This page on the DOL site has all the forms employers need to hire and sponsor foreign workers for permanent, specialty and temporary work. ( .

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