Monday, December 22, 2008

Shut Down Hutto

A message from Jay Via del Rio:

I wish I had the time to call everyone...but time is a premium right now for the children and their moms in Hutto.  We have less than 24 hours to make a difference...and shut Hutto down.  We just learned about this over the weekend...that...

TOMORROW, Tuesday morning, December 23, when most folks will be focused on the holidays, the Williamson County Commissioners Court will vote to extend their contracts for Hutto with ICE and CCA. 

Is there anything YOU or your organization can do write, call, fax and/or e-mail to stop such a decision that will only prolong the imprisonment and abuse of these innocent children?

Is there any kind of mobilization at the Williamson Country Commissioners Court tomorrow that you could help with today?

Below is a statement regarding the extension of Hutto...along with contact information.  From Washington, D.C. to Washington State...please consider letting your voices heard.
Please read the following...and please share...

Border Ambassadors

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Corrected email addresses: Gattis: "Bite Me"
Date:  Sun, 21 Dec 2008 22:45:16 -0600

To:  <>
WCCC Judge Gattis quoted in AAS re. TD Hutto vote:     "Unless something jumps up and bites me, I will vote to renew."
                                 Bite him. Before Tuesday’s vote!

Contact WCCC members and tell them to vote NO Hutto Renewal(See contact info below) 

Putting non-criminal families, including little children, in prison for infractions comparable to running a stop sign is immoral and un-American.

Imprisoning people charged with no crime, while they await decision re. applications for citizenship and asylum, is NOT effective immigration policy, does NOT secure our borders, and has NOTHING to do with patriotism.  It is a corrupt means to enrich an already wealthy corporation by exploiting the weakest among us!

As partners in the contract for the most expensive method to effectively assure that non-criminal immigrants appear at their hearings, the Williamson County Commissioners Court (WCCC) exhibits a disregard for fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars during a national economic crisis.

This prison is exempt from any governmental regulation and has no government oversight—and a continuing record of abuses. With the lapse of the only outside (court-ordered) oversight of this facility in August of 2009 those risks are greatly elevated in renewal.  (Article in March 2008 NewYorker provides a good chronicle)

Partnering with Corrections Corporation of American, with its less-than-admirable record of management, is a bad business practice, and exposes Williamson County taxpayers to financial risks from poor management, bad employees, and external lawsuits—all of which are beyond their capacity to control.  (See attached “Letter to WCCC re CCA Business Practices.) 

Williamson County’s reputation has been damaged as a result of a number of specific offenses relating to the operation of the facility, as well as its very existence.  Contract renewal would affirm WCCC’s approval of the disgraces of T Don Hutto and further damage our image locally, nationally, and internationally.

Evidence presented at the September  public forum (which WCCC boycotted)  stated that T Don Hutto’s operation is probably a deterrent to future, clean, economic development in the area; renewal would  send a very bad signal for the  future of such growth; it is actually  anti-economic development!

This proposal fails the simple “risk vs. benefits” of any business undertaking.  The less than $16,000 monthly maximum that Williamson County collects under this contract cannot be reasonably argued to compensate for the negatives that exist.

WCCC has had a very rough record re. contracts to date; re-entering this partnership does nothing to convince citizens that WCCC has been learned anything from those previous costly contract mistakes.

Please Contact :
Judge Dan Gattis:  943-1550
Commissioner Lisa Birkman:  ( 512)  733-5380
Commissioner Cynthia Long:  260-4280)
Commissioner Valerie Covey: (512)  943-3370
Commissioner Ron Morrison: (512)  846-1190

Phone, email, by end of business Monday and tell them NO to Hutto!    And broadcast this plea on behalf of good government and the babies in jail.


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'for infractions comparable to running a stop sign'

The traffic ticket comparison!

Against, against, against. While there are many valid concerns about the private prison industry, I always want to ask these people saying stop the raids/shut down Hutto/etc., ok, then what's your proposed alternative? If you are opposed to every conceivable form of immigration law enforcement then aren't you simply FOR unlimited immigration? Yet very few people just come out and say that's what they're for. Many cloak that underlying goal and want to make it appear they just want to make sure the existing system is fair and working right. They really don't want a limited system to work at all, ever, despite saying 'until we get CIR'. Is it believable to think a vocal opponent of something will suddenly support it?

Posted by: Jack | Dec 22, 2008 5:45:03 PM


No, I'm not against all enforcement. I'm in favor of having a system that is fair and rational enough that people will use it. I'm in favor of excluding (and if necessary, deporting) violent criminals, drug dealers, traffickers who enslave migrants or force them into prostitution. However I'm keenly aware of the disruptive effects of these characters' arrival on their home countries, and favor deportation with care, and with appropriate documentation -- something the US has not always done.

Most of the people who are in detention have done little more than being present without autorization (a civil offense) or working without authorization (a crime, but only since 86).

The assumption that because someone is present without documents they are a hardened criminal who is capable of any and all further criminal acts is ridiculous. The great majority are just poor people who are trying to survive. It's not worth locking them up. And demonizing us hurts us more than it hurts them.

Posted by: MdeG | Dec 23, 2008 3:23:39 PM

MdeG supports deporting "violent criminals, drug dealers, and traffickers" but not illegal aliens who have not yet killed/raped an American. MdeG basically doesn't want to deport ANY illegal alien until they cause us some sort of damage.

What MdeG and her open-border friends fail to understand is that the immigration process is designed to keep potential murders/rapists/druggies/traffickers from entering the country in the first place. It's also designed to keep out people with infectious diseases. It's also designed to keep out terrorists. The list goes on and on. This is nothing new. All countries do this.

But every illegal alien, by definition, has never gone through ANY immigration check. And that's why all illegal aliens need to be deported; they can come back through a legal port of entry at a future date like millions of immigrants have done over the past century. That way, we can decide whether we want them in the country. Heck, we don't even need a reason other than, "no, thanks." There is no right to immigrate anywhere; no country has to have immigration.

But MdeG wants to let illegal aliens stay in this country until they kill you or your family. Her argument is really as simple as that. Of course, even if they do your family harm, there's still no guaranty that they'll be deported.

Posted by: Ryan | Dec 28, 2008 5:54:33 AM

OMG! It's the Texas MinuteMen again, trying to scare the bejesus out of us with their lunatic talk about invasions and aliens. Truth be told, they are far more frightening than the poor victims of our out-of-control corporate controlled system. And you nut-cases with guns are the ones who need to be watched!

Posted by: greta | Jan 1, 2009 6:50:12 AM

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