Thursday, November 27, 2008

Native Americans and Immigration Policy

Every Thanksgiving, this cartoon image of Native Americans building a fence to keep out the Pilgrims comes up. Happy Thanksgiving.


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Get real Hing! If it had not been for European-Americans, your family would never have immigrated to the United States and you would not have gotten your tenured professorship.

Posted by: Thomas Lillich | Nov 27, 2008 9:28:14 AM

But then again,neither would the ancestors of BH have been subjected to 61 years of institutional exclusion based on the Anglo-American justifications for state-sponsored discrimination.

Posted by: robert | Nov 28, 2008 7:57:35 AM

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Posted by: RCI - Migrations | Nov 28, 2008 1:51:53 PM

Isn't this basically an anti-immigration cartoon? The Wampanoag would have been a lot better off in the long run if they had kept out the English. This is why Italian immigration opponents put Native Americans on their posters:

Posted by: adfasdf | Dec 1, 2008 11:29:52 PM

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