Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Postville Redux Redux

Before May, 2008, many Americans were unaware of a city named Postville, Iowa. After a massive immigration raid in May, the city made national news. CNN reports on developments in Postville after the raid, which have not all been for the good.

All the news reports make me want to visit Postville!



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If one reads the CNN post, it becomes apparent that, despite rising unemployment in this country among citizen and undocumented immigrant alike, there remains a core sector of jobs that citizens just can't or won't do. Period. This article mentions all sorts of immigrants and refugees that have assembled on Postville to take jobs at agriprocessors, yet they don't mention that legal citizens have not lined up to take these job openings created by the raid of the factory workforce. Why? Because they don't want these $10+ per hour jobs. Let's look to the similar raid on a Georgia poultry plant last year. "The plant, in order to recruit the workers that it needed to stay in business, had to resort to not only raising wages significantly, but also had to offer free shuttles from nearby towns, and also to provide free rooms in a company owned dormitory. The company, for the first time, had to hire applicants from the state unemployment office, and began hiring probationers and men from a local homeless mission."

ICE has identified a problem, and is using their power of enforcement, (albiet selectively and simingly randomly), to do the only thing currently within it's limited authority to do. Round them up and deport them. This does nothing to solve the problem on a national macro-societal and macro-economic basis. In fact, it mainly serves to exaserbate the problem. We need CIR to affect an actual fix.

Posted by: Robert Gittelson | Oct 14, 2008 11:16:21 AM

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