Friday, October 17, 2008

Do We Live in a Police State? "America's Toughest Sheriff" Strikes Again!!!

The Arizona Republic reports on the latest escapades of the so-called America's Toughest Sheriff:

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio traded angry words and accusations with Mesa officials Thursday after 60 deputies and posse members armed with search warrants stormed City Hall and the public library in the middle of the night in a hunt for illegal workers. "I believe the safety of our citizens was gravely compromised" when Maricopa County sheriff's deputies in "battle gear" swept into city buildings about 2 a.m. while cleaning crews were at work, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith told reporters. "I believe we had set the scene where bad things could have happened." Arpaio defended his tactics, claiming the raid came only after a former city employee called the sheriff's illegal-immigration hotline to report that a cleaning company under contract with the city was hiring illegal immigrants. "  (emphasis added).

What kind of nation do we live in?  What kinds of risks to the public safety are being taken in the name of immigration control?  What kind of tragedy will happen as a result of this kind of conduct?

For the N.Y. Times view of this "Wild West weirdness," click here.

UPDATE  Click here for a NPR story about Sheriff Joe's latest escapades.


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Thanks for promoting this story. I'm surprised it hasn't received more national notice.

As a Mesa, AZ, blogger, I'm livid about Arpaio’s storming of our Library and City Hall. With this move, he has begun a de facto turf war with other regional law enforcement agencies. I don’t want two heavily armed groups fighting over jurisdiction at 2 am. The public is being held hostage to Arpaio's limitless ambition.

If you visit my blog, you can see I am a staunch conservative Republican. Nevertheless, I am proudly voting for Arpaio's Democratic opponent, Dan Saban. I hope other Maricopa County voters wise up before someone gets hurt.

Posted by: Jon | Oct 17, 2008 8:36:41 PM

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