Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uncle of girl who died from heatstroke is fired

Mariaphto_2 The Stockton Record reports that the uncle of Maria Jimenez, the teenager who died May 16 of heatstroke while pruning a vineyard in the Central Valley of California, was fired last week on the very same same day that his sister, Maria's mother, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the vineyard company and the contractor in charge. "I knew this would happen," Doroteo Jimenez said. Juan Chavez, the new contractor, fired Jimenez for missing a safety meeting. According to Jimenez, he was given permission from Chavez to miss work. Supervisors didn't inform him of the safety training, he said. Jimenez accompanied lawyers to file the lawsuit and spoke at a news conference that day. Afterward, he returned to work. Jimenez said he was fired at the end of his shift.

It seems fair to say that the firing will not help the defendants in the wrongful death litigation.


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