Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Surge of Federal Prosecution of Immigrants

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a data analysis organization affiliated with Syracuse University, produced findings that Criminal prosecutions of immigrants by federal authorities surged to a record high in March, as immigration cases accounted for the majority — 57 percent — of all new federal criminal cases brought nationwide that month. The record number of 9,350 new immigration prosecutions in March was part of a “highly unusual surge” that began in January, the report said, and represented 73 percent more new immigration cases compared with March 2007.

For the full story as reported in the New  York Times, click here.

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"Reentry of deported alien" (Title 8 U.S.C Section 1326) was the most frequent recorded lead charge.

...the resulting median or typical sentence is short: just one month. Along the southwest border, the median sentence for all immigration convictions varied between a high of 2 months in the Southern District of California (San Diego), to 1 month in Arizona and New Mexico, to 0 months in both the Southern and Western Districts of Texas.

The substantial growth in these cases is partly related to increases in the matters filed in U.S. Magistrate Courts. If magistrate cases are excluded and only Federal District Court cases are counted, the overall increase in immigration prosecutions since March 2003 is 18.2 percent instead of 193.1 percent.

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