Friday, June 20, 2008

Filipino Veterans Equity Act

More support is needed to make sure the Filipino Veterans Equity Act is enacted:

Dear Friends:
On April 24th, the US Senate passed S.1315, the Veterans' Benefits Enhancement Act by a bi-partisan vote of 96-1. The passing of this bill holds historic significance because S.1315 contains provisions to correct the over 60 year injustice to Filipino WWII Veterans by restoring their US Veteran status.  It will not reduce benefits for other veterans.

The House of Representatives is close to bringing Filipino WWII veterans legislation to the floor for a vote (as part of the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act), but your help is needed to make sure that when this happens, we will emerge victorious!
In less than 5 minutes, you will impact this campaign immensely. Please ACT NOW!

What YOU can do today:

1. Call the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to be connected to any member of Congress at their DC office. You can also find information on your particular Representative by clicking here.
Tell them: "I urge Congressmember [insert name] to pass the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act. This bill (S. 1315) includes provisions to restore US veteran status for Filipinos and provide them with the resources they need to live out the remainder of their lives with the honor and dignity their service to this country in World War II deserves."

2. Help us secure support from both sides of the aisle--Democrats AND Republicans.

Below are additional talking points and a sample letter:

It's now time for the House to act. The Senate has passed the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act, which includes restoration of veterans status for Filipino WWII veterans.
The Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act not only corrects this injustice, but provides a range of benefits for ALL veterans and will NOT take a dime from any current veteran.
The 1946 Rescission Act took away US Veteran status for Filipino WWII vets and we need to right this wrong and give them the honor and recognition they deserve.
Nationals from more than 60 other countries who also served under US command during WWII received US veteran status--Filipinos were singled out for discriminatory treatment.

Sample Letter:

Dear Representative:

We are writing to request your support for the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act which includes provisions to restore veterans status to Filipino WWII veterans.  Time is running out for this bill, and we strongly urge your leadership on this important issue.

ON April 24th, the Senate voted to pass this bill (S.1315) by the overwhelming bipartisan vote of 96-1 and it is time for the House to follow suit.  This bill is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to our community and we call on you to support this bill in its current form, and to vote for it when it comes to a floor vote. We strongly urge you to oppose any efforts to weaken the provisions of the bill.

Out of the original 250,000 Filipino soldiers originally called to serve, only 18,000 remain, and the time is now to rectify the 62-year injustice done to these brave soldiers.  We call on you to restore full equity to our veterans so that they can live out their remaining years with the full measure of honor befitting their service to this country.

For more information about the bill, or about the National Alliance for Filipino Veterans Equity, contact Ben de Guzman, NAFVE Campaign Coordinator at or by phone at (202) 422-4909.

Thank you for your time.


(Your name)

As a community, we must unite at this critical time to pass S.1315 in the House.  The remaining Filipino WWII veterans cannot wait much longer.

Equity for Filipino WWII Veterans! Mabuhay!

Please call Lillian Galedo at (510) 465-9876, extension 308 with your questions.


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