Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anti-Immigrant Democrats? reports that "House and Senate Democrats are outbidding the White House on spending for immigration enforcement."  Immigration Daily asks for comment and provocatively portrays the issue as follows:

While decrying ICE abuses and other less-noticed abuses under the excuse of "law enforcement" by other federal agencies, Democrats are adding fuel to the flames by appropriating greater and greater funds for enforcement. That abuses and enforcement go hand in hand when funding is raised at extremely fast rates is forgotten (properly training large numbers of new agents is always a challenge). Furthermore, increasing enforcement without increasing benefits is not good policy for the country, Democrats are pandering to bigotry here. While it is true that Republicans are pandering to bigots, at least the Republicans cannot be accused of hypocrisy too. The Hispanic Caucus and other immigrant-friendly representatives in Congress should take a close look at these enforcement appropriations. Even if these amendments do not get enacted, just voting on them sends a strong message to the immigrant community that at least some in Congress remember that America is a country of immigrants. We urge the Hispanic Caucus to adopt the motto "no enforcement without benefits".


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