Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What is McCain's Position on Immigration?

Is John McCain reversing his position on immigration reform once again? According to Steve Benen he is:   

When John McCain's presidential campaign faltered badly last summer, there were a variety of problems, but near the top of the list was McCain's work on a comprehensive immigration reform measure, which most Republican activists hated with a vengeance. McCain ultimately decided to abandon his own legislation, and announced earlier this year that he wouldn't even vote for his own bill.

Now that he's locked down the Republican nomination, McCain has decided to reverse course again, re-embracing the position he abandoned in order to gain GOP support.

In yet another sign of his pivoting toward the general election, Senator John McCain said at a roundtable with business leaders here today that comprehensive immigration reform should be a top priority for the next president. […]

Mr. McCain largely stopped talking about the issue and repeatedly invoked a mantra that he had gotten the message from voters that the borders needed to be secured first, before any solution for the illegal immigrants already here is addressed.

Sure, but that was when he was pandering to far-right activists, who he needed to get the GOP nomination. Now that he's vanquished his Republican rivals, McCain feels comfortable pulling the hard-to-execute flip-flop-flip, gambling that conservatives will hate Obama enough to give McCain a pass. Click here for the rest of the opinion.



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