Thursday, March 27, 2008

ILRC Anti-Fraud Campaign

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center Announces a Major Immigration Fraud Public Awareness Campaign

What:  Press Conference Announcing ILRC’s Anti-Immigration Fraud Campaign

When:  Friday, March 28, 2008 at 12:00 p.m.

Where:  ILRC, 1663 Mission Street, Suite 602, San Francisco

Immigration provider fraud is a serious problem throughout California. Immigrants are easy targets for fraud because, as newcomers, they don't have a sophisticated understanding of the way in which US legal systems operate, and because, if illegal, they are afraid of approaching institutions such as the courts or the police. Too often, immigrants fall prey to scam artists that promise them an easy path to legal status only to cheat them out of their hard-earned money and, often, put them at risk of deportation.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has historically been at the forefront in combating this type of fraud.   Our experience has taught us that the most effective remedy against this pervasive problem is prevention.  By informing immigrants about the danger s of immigration fraud, we can keep them from becoming victims. 

ILRC is therefore launching a massive public information campaign against immigration fraud:

Ø      ILRC has produced thousands of bus signs that are now being carried on every bus system in the Greater Bay Area, warning people to beware of immigration fraud.

Ø      ILRC also has produced thousands of Comic Books in English, Spanish, and Chinese, that detail several typical fraud scenarios that people should watch out for.

o       Each of these scenarios is based on a real life situation.

o       The books also include information on reputable immigration agencies and sources of help for immigration fraud victims.

o       The last page of each book is a flyer summarizing what they should watch out for when contracting with someone for immigration help.

ILRC is proud to announce this campaign.  Joining us at the press conference will be Rosemary Melville, San Francisco District Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, who supports us in our efforts.  Also joining us will be members of community based organizations who support us in this effort.

“With the posting of our Anti-Fraud Bus Signs, and the dissemination of our Anti-Fraud Comic Books, immigrants from Napa and Sonoma Counties to the North, to Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to the East, and as far south as Santa Cruz County will be able to avoid being victimized by immigration scam artists.” stated Nora Privitera, attorney with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.   


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