Friday, November 23, 2007

Is Immigration This Year's Gay Marriage?

Andrés Martinez on Stumped thoughtfully responds to the question whether the Republican candidates will try to make "Immigration This Year's Gay Marriage?"  Among other things, Martinez discusses the oft-unexplored linkages between trade and migration.

On a related note, efforts are being made to place anti-affirmative action initiatives, like those passed in California, Washington, and, most recently, Michigan, on the 2008 ballot in a number of states.  This might affect the Presidential election in those states, just like the gay marriage measures did in sveral states in 2004.  We wil see but stay tuned!


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There's really no end to the range of analogous social issues of the past and present with which to compare violation of immigration law, regardless to the lengths to which imagination has to be stretched, is there?

Posted by: Horace | Nov 23, 2007 7:36:26 AM

Another person who mistakenly equates free trade and a free flow of labor between countries. The writer admits he just looked up autarky in the dictionary. He should also look up Comparative Advantage and see what Ricardo had to say about the flow of labor. By his theory, it must flow freely, but only DOMESTICALLY, not INTERNATIONALLY.

Henry Simons, of the Chicago School:

"To insist that a free trade program is logically or practically incomplete without free migration is either disingenuous or stupid. Free trade may and should raise living standards everywhere …Free immigration would level standards, perhaps without raising them anywhere."

Posted by: Jack | Nov 25, 2007 4:09:34 AM

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