Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oklahoma Immigration Law Challenged

We have often posted stories about the many state and local immigration ordinances passed in the last year as federal immigration reform floundered -- and ultimately failed.  In May, we reported that Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry signed a state immigration bill, which requires state and local agencies to verify the citizenship and immigration status of applicants for state or local benefits. It also requires public agencies starting Nov. 1 to use a program to screen Social Security numbers to make sure they are real and match up with the job applicant's name. Private companies must comply by July 1, 2008. Yyesterday, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy filed suit in federal court seeking to strike down the law. The suit alleges that the law is unconstitutional. The Tulsa World quotes the National Coalition's president, the Rev. Miguel Rivera as stating at a press conference outside the federal court building that "The leaders and people behind House Bill 1804 are guilty of ethnic cleansing.

A copy of the complaint in the suit has been posted on Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

A number of readers posted comments to the Tulsa World article (see link above).  Most of them strongly criticized the suit.  One comment was especially offensive but is nonetheless revealing:

"Illegal immigration is kind of like dog crap. An argument can be made that a little is good for the yard, but then you step in it and you've got a problem. And you certainly wouldn't want every dog in the neighborhood to crap in your yard.

- "Reverand" Rivera, keep your dog in your own yard!

- Disclaimer: I am not comparing Mexicans to dog crap. I am referring to illegal Canadians."



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