Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Fight Over Taco Trucks?

Mexican immigration has brought many new and novel policy issues to the forefront.  Who would have guessed that driver's license eligibility for undocumented immigrants would be a pressing civil rights concern (and lead to the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as California's Governor)?  The issue today in many cities is the regulation of taco trucks.  In Salinas, California, a proposed ordinance, which is still subject to revision, is the latest round in a two-year debate that some say has created a rift in this community, placing poorer Mexicans who are looking to better themselves at odds with longtime residents whose families emigrated years ago.

Salinas is not alone. Taco trucks, cultural icons and social magnets in Mexico, have become a flashpoint in at least a dozen cities in California — including Santa Rosa (near San Francisco), and Gardena (south of Los Angeles) — and in other states, like Arizona, Oregon and Tennessee.

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P.S.  A reader graciously provided us with a list of stories on taco truck controversies in Salinas and many other communities.

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“Taco Trucks Under Attack in Salinas”, 6/12/2007

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“Google Map of Salinas Street Food”, 6/02/2007

Other areas:

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“Opposition to taco trucks is senseless”, Oakland Tribune, 02/10/2004



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