Friday, June 29, 2007

Immigrant of the Day: Senator Mel Martinez

160pxmel_martinez Melquíades Rafael "Mel" Martínez (born October 23, 1946) is a Cuban-born American politician, who is currently the junior United States Senator from Florida and the General Chairman of the Republican Party. Previously, Martinez served as the 12th Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George W. Bush.

Martinez was born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba. He came to the United States in 1962 as part of a Roman Catholic humanitarian effort called Operation Peter Pan, which brought into the U.S. more than 14,000 children. Upon arrival in the U.S., Martinez was alone and spoke virtually no English. After living with two foster families, he was reunited with his family in Orlando in 1966.

Martinez attended Bishop Moore High School in Orlando on scholarship. After graduation, he attended Florida State as an undergrad and as a law student.

Martinez resigned his cabinet post in December 2003 to run for the open U.S. Senate seat in Florida being vacated by retiring Democratic Senator Bob Graham.  Martinez secured the Republican nomination and narrowly defeated the Democratic nominee, Betty Castor. His election made him the first Cuban-American to serve in the U.S. Senate.  Martinez and Ken Salazar were the first Latino U.S. Senators since 1977. They were joined by Bob Menendez in January 2006.

Martinez and his wife Kitty have three children and two grandchildren.


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Mel's Florida constituency are mounting a recall campaign to replace him as their Sentator: It seems as though the good Senator betrayed his 2004 promise to oppose amnesty and the voters are objecting. What the good voter giveth, he also taketh away. If successful, they would be making history and a black mark on Mel's resume. I'll be the first to annotate Wikipedia accordingly.

This from that site:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Has Become The Goal Of Senator Mel Martinez

However Senator Mel Martinez was quite vocal in his opposition to any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants during his 2004 campaign here in Florida. It was the main reason many Republicans fought so hard to get him elected. Here are the Senator's own words from the campaign: "Our immigration policy should first and foremost ensure the security of our great Nation and those individuals posing a terrorist threat should be prevented from entering our country. I strongly oppose amnesty for illegal aliens; our immigration laws should not reward lawlessness."

Why Would The Senator Totally Reverse His Position On What Was A Campaign Promise

I wish it could be said for sure but honestly I can do little more than speculate. One truth in life that rarely changes. If you want to know why something is the way it is, follow the money and you will usually find the correct answer. Personally I suspect that this is the ultimate case of special interest & lobbyist polluting our political system. The sad truth seems to be that there is a powerful & wealthy special interest group for everyone but Americans, and if we do not work together as Americans then we will suffer the consequences as individuals. Perhaps it is as simple as the Senator may have forgotten that he is supposed to protect & defend the Constitution as he pledged in his oath of office.

Our Goal Is To Remove Senator Martinez From Both His Senate & RNC Chair Positions

This tragic reversal by the Senator has placed him in the position in my opinion, of having betrayed the very people that worked the hardest to get him where he is. That coupled with the potential that this shameful Immigration policy has to tear this country to shreds, possibly to the point of civil war. The time has come when good people cannot sit quietly by and let our country slip into oblivion. We can work now to effect the removal of those who do not represent our interest.

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