Thursday, June 28, 2007

Border Angels' Reaction to Senate Vote

To all those of us opposed to inhumanity of it all, please remember this was a bad bill and do not let the extremist right bask in defeat of bill as politics make strange bed fellows and while extreme right was motivated by hate and fear, those of us on Humane side are motivated by justice and this bill was not just or humane….we will continue to lobby for HUMANE REFORM and realize that we will have to wait longer …but true change for justice takes time…let’s continue to peacefully lobby, educate, organize etc…lets register more people to vote…protect all our people as humane reform will take place…so when media or opposition calls…we need to advise that we did not accept this bill or expect it  to pass…we are more galvanized and united than ever…el pueblo unido….jamas sera vencido ! Tomorrow as today media will be all over this BE POSITIVE !!! I will be on Fox National News in AM (Fox and Friends) I am aware, very aware…they are not friends… also join me as we continue to lobby to remove racist Lou Dobbs from CNN..HASTA LA VICTORIA!


Enrique Morones

Border Angels
P.O. Box 86598
San Diego, CA 92138


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