Friday, March 16, 2007

New Immigration Articles from SSRN

"Cultural Communities in a Global Labor Market: Immigration Restrictions as Residential Segregation" University of Chicago Legal Forum, 2007, HOWARD F. CHANG (Pennsylvania) Abstract:  This part of a forthcoming immigration symposium in The Chicago Legal Forum.

The Better Part of Valor: The REAL ID Act, Discretion, and the 'Rule' of Immigration Law" New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 51, pp. 161-206, DANIEL KANSTROOM (Boston College) Full Text:



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And it says...
"First, I present a critique of Walzer's claims from an economic perspective. I take the maximization of global economic welfare to be the appropriate objective, then explore whether the value of distinctive cultural communities can justify immigration restrictions. Second, I present a moral critique from a liberal perspective. I argue that even if immigration restrictions satisfy the preferences of incumbent residents for more extensive segregation than voluntary segregation can provide, this effect cannot justify immigration restrictions in a society committed to liberal ideals."

Isn't that thrilling. He writes a paper totally devoid of the real life stats and it is published Boston College. You gotta wonder what those guys at Boston College are thinking but.. point in case is, the middle class declined, and lost wages in the time frame when the Federal Government opened the border by refusing to fund the law enforcement of the Immigration Service. That idea I quoted is most certainly in contradiction of all the polls asking the illegal aliens be deported and the rate of immigration be turned down.

I want to point out this is a government of and by the people. In a fascist state with the total obligation of the state to corporation values and identity, the idea that we do not maintain cultural values, and national borders in an effort to achieve much higher productivity is ludicrous. It is in contradiction to the totality of the American Culture, and actually in contradiction to the experience we have had with fascist states where-in labor was ignored and business became the personification of the state.

It is a silly paper.

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