Friday, February 9, 2007

Human Trafficking Lawsuit Brought by Yale Students

Yale Law School's Workers' and Immigrants' Rights Advocacy Clinic filed a complaint today in a Connecticut labor trafficking case.  The New York Times (here) and NPR (here) stories.  here is the Clinic's press release.  Download press_release_lawsuit_alleging_human_trafficking_and_forced_labor_in_connecticut_aguilar_v. Imperial Nurseries.pdf


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Gee, one would think that the highly regarded news medium, NPR, would get the status of the workers right. The foreigners in question are actually legal guest workers with visas, not immigrants at all. Maybe the Immigrants' Rights Advocacy Clinic should rename itself to include migrant workers in its title.

It's interesting to note that American businesses seem to have ethical problems even when they avail themselves of the legitimate means of importing foreign labor. I suspect that cheating employees of pay is endemic within a significant part of U.S. businesses that utilize foreign labor, legal alien or otherwise.

Posted by: Horace | Feb 9, 2007 8:25:43 AM

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