Friday, February 9, 2007

Bishop Criticizes Local Ordinance

When Dallas' Catholic Bishop Charles Grahmann spoke at a "Mass for migrants and refugees" recently, he smote the Texas city of Farmers Branch with the New Testament story of a family fleeing from King Herod.

"I often wonder if Joseph, Mary and Jesus would find a place in Farmers Branch," he said. "They would probably be told they would have to find another place."

The bishop was referring to a new city ordinance - still tied up with legal challenges and facing a referendum - that would make it illegal to rent an apartment to anyone who could not prove that he or she was in this country legally.

The bishop's comments stunned some of those leading the fight for the ordinance. They are Catholic and did not appreciate his message. Click here.


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The bishop's argument has the problem that illegal aliens are not Jesus and Mary, that we are a nation of laws, and that Congress is the source of our law, not religion. If we still relied upon religeous beliefs as references for law and moral guidance, women would still be stoned for adultery, slavery would still be exceptable, and men would be entitled to have more than one wife. The good bishop should stay out of U.S. politics. If he wishes to engage in politics, perhaps Mexico, and the rest of Latin America would me more amenable. He could probably do more good for illegal aliens, as the economic policies of Latin America have far more impact on the emigration of their citizens than anything else.

Posted by: Horace | Feb 9, 2007 8:51:40 AM

Another flaw in his comparison to the holy familiy is the fact that no one is forcing Latin American illegal aliens to come to this country. Perhaps the bishop should resort to Webster's, which defines exile as one who is expelled from his homeland contrary to his own wishes.

Posted by: George | Feb 9, 2007 10:14:41 AM

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