Friday, February 9, 2007

Asylum for Victims of Domestic Violence

In the February 11, 2007 NY Times Magazine, Alex Kotlowitz has an exxcellent article on the evolving law of asylum for battered noncitizen women. It is entitled "Asylum for the Worlds Battered Women." According to the article, lastt fall, a United Nations report denounced the extraordinary number of women who are victims of domestic violence - and for whom protection from the authorities is often nonexistent. In some nations, like Bangladesh and Ethiopia, the U.N. found that as many as 6 of every 10 women interviewed had been beaten or sexually assaulted by their husbands or partners. The report called for better protection for abused women, but it didn't address how first-world nations like the United States should treat those women who manage to escape their abusers and flee their countries. Should victims of domestic violence be eligible for asylum, a protection that has traditionally been preserved for those persecuted as a result of political turmoil?  this is the issue discussed in the article.  Download nyt_magazine_207.pdf


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