Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miami-Dade Sanctuary Push

With the debate on immigration reform stalled in Congress, Miami immigrant advocates looked elsewhere Wednesday for inspiration: to such cities as San Francisco that have declared themselves ''sanctuaries'' where local police are barred from participating in certain kinds of immigration enforcement.

Flanked by rows of restless children wearing shirts that read ''Don't make me an orphan,'' Nora Sandigo was clear on what she wanted.

''Local politicians need to stand up and take care of the children in their own house,'' said Sandigo, executive director of the immigrant advocacy group American Fraternity. Click here.


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There is no other good way to characterize this than to call this action anarchy. Rather than challenge the immigration laws in the courts, new city states are forming. This is little more than mob rule on a grand scale. If the Attorney General can't recognize the dangerous precedences set by this action, he ought to be replaced. Would the Justice Department accept the actions of a town comprised of KKK members if it were to declare itself entitled to ignore civil rights laws. Advocacy groups may celebrate the formation of sanctuary cities but they can't claim to be righteous in their legal principles. Personnaly, I'm considering incorporating a town that provides sanctuary for fugitives from the tax laws and the IRS. What's next, sanctuaries for child molesters, bank robbers,and rapists. Maybe the KKK could incoporate a city for white people only, while enforcing only those parts of the Bill of Rights that they concur with. This is horrible, and it's time for people to stand up for principle and rule of law or anarchy will prevail. And the most deplorable thing about this is that our legal professionals standby and do nothing.

Posted by: George | Oct 19, 2006 9:32:47 AM

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