Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arguments in D.C. Circuit on Access to Immigrant Information

A federal court of appeals will hear arguments today in a case that has broad implications in the debate over illegal immigration and the public's right to know about illegal immigrant convicts who have not been deported, as required by law. Cox Newspapers is asserting that the Justice Department should release the names, birth dates and identity numbers of illegal immigrants who have served prison time for serious crimes, including child molestation, manslaughter, drug dealing and drunken driving. Cox, which publishes the Austin American-Statesman, hopes to use the data to show how many illegal immigrant convicts are slipping back into communities undetected rather than being deported to their native countries, as federal law requires. Cox revealed in a published report four years ago that hundreds of felons in Georgia were never picked up by immigration officials after serving their sentences.   Click here or the full story.



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