Friday, March 17, 2006

More on Chicago

Thanks to Susan Gzesh for the link to this article, in Spanish, about the Chicago march by a major Mexican newspaper

Susan adds that

Two important things about the march - it was organized, in 6 weeks, by a combination of the Mexican hometown associations and a radio d.j. And it was very grass-roots - Most of the signs were home-made. Some employers sent their employees in vans; others have fired people for going (this report from one of the main organizers who works for SEIU). Why a march of well over 100,000 fails to be "news" in national press is, again, the invisibility of Mexican immigrant workers to people whose quality of life depends on their labor. What's next? It's up to the organizers... we'll see. I was there - it was very energizing, peaceful, enthusiastic, positive - and nice that the Governor, Mayor, Sen. Durbin and Obama, and several Reps showed up to speak.

About the march, Craug Mousin reports that

The rally in Chicago was unlike any I have been a part of previously in Chicago. Police in the street were telling us that it was more like 250,000, but all the official reports said 100,000--and initial plans suggested the rally would only bring out 15,000. Regardless, the streets were full, the politicians including Mayor Daley, Senator Durbin, Rep. Gutierrez, were vocal and strong in their support of the rally and against the House bill. One common theme, we now have to organize, become citizens and vote.

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