Friday, March 17, 2006

Summary of Frist Bill

As threatened, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist introduced his own immigration legislation. Here's a quick summary prepared by the National Immigration Forum, with some comparison with Senate Judiciary chair Specter's bill and its markup.

Title I Border Enforcement (a variation of the chairman’s mark)

  • Enforcement personnel
  • Technological assets
  • Border infrastructure
  • Border patrol checkpoints
  • Ports of entry
  • Strategic fencing

Title II, Part B

  • Surveillance Plan
  • National Strategy for Border      Security
  • Reports on exchange of      information on N. American security
  • Improving Security of      Mexico’s S. Border

Title II, Part C

  • Biometric data enhancements
  • Secure communication
  • Border patrol training      capacity review
  • USVISIT system
  • Document Fraud Detection
  • Improved Document Integrity
  • Cancellation of Visas
  • Biometric Entry-Exit System
  • Border Study
  • Secure Border Initiative      Financial Accountability (new; may have been an amendment)

Title II Interior Enforcement (same or similar to Specter’s Mark; also includes punitive amendments passed in committee)

  • Removal and denial of      benefits to terrorists (“described in” provisions)
  • Detention and removal of      aliens ordered removed (indefinite detention)
  • Expansion of aggravated      felony (drunken driving, passport fraud offenses, two counts of illegal      presence, etc.)
  • Terrorist bars (changes to      good moral character definition; natz reform/gutting court review of natz      delays/denials)
  • Increase criminal penalties      for gang violence, etc.
  • Expansion of Alien Smuggling      definition (includes the extremely limited religious/501(c)(3) exception)
  • Denial of visas to nationals      of country denying or delaying accepting alien (Coburn amendment)
  • Illegal entry and unlawful      presence: criminalization of unlawful presence
  • Illegal entry- increased      penalties for reentry after removal
  • Passport and document related      fraud: expansion of penalties, types of offenses, etc.
  • Incarceration of criminal      aliens beyond their criminal sentence
  • Voluntary Departure “Reform”
  • SCAAP- reimbursements
  • State and local law      enforcement of immigration laws
  • Mandatory detention of aliens      at or between ports of entry
  • Expedited removal (this is      the language that amends section 238 plus a mandate to implement ER to      OTMS caught within 100 miles…)
  • Denial of benefits to certain      sex offenders
  • NCIC Database Expansion 

Title III Unlawful Employment of Aliens

  • Unlawful employment of aliens
  • Employer compliance fund
  • Additional worksite      enforcement and fraud detection agents

Title IV Backlog Reduction and Visas for Students and Aliens with Advanced Degrees (Same of Similar to Chairman’s Mark- pulls from titles IV and V of the Mark)

  • Elimination of existing      backlogs- increases FB and EB visas in the same manner as the Mark
  • Country limits
  • Allocation of immigrant visas      (reallocation of family and employment based visas)
  • Relief for minor children
  • Student visas (allows for      dual intent, increased flexibility to work, path to LPR.)
  • Visas for individuals with      advanced degrees- exempts select aliens from numerical caps
  • Medical services in      underserved areas  

Title V Immigration Litigation Reduction (Part of the Chairman’s Mark; guts some of the positive reforms to EOIR)

  • Consolidation of immigration      appeals
  • Additional immigration      personnel
  • BIA removal order authority
  • Judicial review visa      revocation- guts review
  • Reinstatement of removal      orders- guts review
  • Withholding of removal-      imports REAL ID standard of asylum (at least one central reason) into      withholding definition
  • Certificate of reviewability-      gives one person authority to reject or accept an appeal
  • Discretionary decisions on      motions to reopen or reconsider
  • Prohibition of attorney fee      awards for review of final orders of removal
  • Board of Immigration Appeals-     

Title VI Misc.


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