Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reid Response to Frist

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid, issued a statement today criticizing Majority Leader Bill Frist's threats to go to the floor with his own immigration bill on March 27.

Senator Reid's statement follows below:

“Senator Frist should stop threatening the Judiciary Committee with an arbitrary deadline for finishing work on the immigration bill.  The Committee has been working diligently and should be allowed to complete its markup when the Senate returns from the recess.  On an issue as complex and significant as immigration, we need bipartisan solutions not partisan ultimatums. 

“There are plenty of other matters for the full Senate to consider while the Committee continues its work on immigration.  For example, we could return to the lobbying reform bill and finish that important bill before starting the immigration floor debate. 

“In any event, the Majority Leader’s enforcement-only approach to immigration will not work.  Clearly the federal government must work to shut down the flow of illegal immigration across our borders.  But without comprehensive reforms to our immigration laws, the situation on the border will continue to be chaotic. 

“Democrats support bipartisan, realistic, and workable immigration policies that will reunite families, provide for continued economic growth, protect the rights of American workers, and honor our values as a nation of immigrants. 

“I will object to any attempt by the Republican leadership to short-circuit the committee process on the immigration bill.” 


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