Friday, March 17, 2006

More Immigration News from the Desert

AZ: Senate OKs ballot proposal restricting benefits to immigrants
The Associated Press, March 17, 2006
By Jacques Billeaud

The Arizona Legislature is considering a proposal to ask voters in November to expand the list of government benefits that are denied to illegal immigrants.

Sixteen months ago, voters approved Proposition 200 a law that denied government benefits to immigrants. State Attorney General Terry Goddard later issued a legal opinion saying the restrictions applied to only a handful of small welfare programs.

The state Senate voted 18-11 Thursday to ask voters to approve two new restrictions. If approved by the state House, the proposal would then go to voters.

The proposed restrictions would prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving state-funded child care assistance and attending adult education classes.

A bill with similar restrictions was approved by the Legislature last year, but Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed it, saying it would have punished illegal immigrants whose parents brought them to Arizona when they were small children.


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