Friday, March 17, 2006

Blue Latinos on Immigration

FROM Blue Latinos

Dear members,

Don't let Congressional and media neglect mute our voices. Help sustain an echo for justice by emailing your Senators today. Let them know that America deserves a just, fair and honest immigration system. Follow the link below and send your Senators an email supporting immigration reform that keeps families together, provides a path towards legal status, and creates an effective, legal and orderly means for future immigrants to come to America.

Last week over a quarter of a million people marched through downtown Chicago to protest a truly un-America immigration bill now before the U.S. Congress. The protest - the largest in Chicago's history - expressed our shared frustrations and disappointment with HR 4437 - the House-passed immigration bill that would criminalize immigrants and good Samaritans and would dim America's beacon of freedom for everyone else. Even after this historic march in Chicago, the Bush Administration, Congress and the mainstream media have all continued to ignore our call for real and comprehensive immigration reforms. The Bush Administration has said nothing about the event. Congressional leaders are equally mute, only responding to calls from anti-immigrants. And the mainstream media has failed to inform America about this historic event. CNN's Lou Dobbs reported on the march, but he seemed more interested in covering the handful of Minutemen - the racist, gun toting vigilante group - than the hundreds of thousands of marchers.

Their neglect cannot erase history, however. And it cannot stop the hundreds of thousands more who will take to the streets across America to protest unjust immigration laws. Los Angeles is set to stage their protest on March 25. Ohio just called for a mass protest on March 26. Students are marching and rallying in support of the DREAM Act. And a group of day labors, fueled by their deep faith and dignity, are running across the country with a message of hope and justice for all, ending their 3,000-mile journey at the heels of the Statue of Liberty.

Do your part. Email your Senators today. After you send them an email, make sure to follow up with a call telling them to reject the ill-conceived Sensenbrenner proposal (HR 4437) that would criminalize immigrants and turn America's tradition of justice on its head. HR 4437 is the first step towards mass deportations of 12 million people. The bill goes much further than granting local police the authority to enforce federal immigration laws - it demands clergy, teachers and anyone that provides undocumented immigrants any help including their family and friends to check for their immigration status and report them to Homeland Security. Without mincing words, HR 4437 would create a virtual police state by making us all border patrol agents.

Don't let the anti-immigrant forces have the last word. Email and Call today!

In solidarity,

José Quiñonez,

P.S. Email us with information regarding your community's efforts to fight HR 4437. We'll post it on website so that others in your community can participate. Don't know of any protest in your area? Organize one yourself. It only takes two people standing outside a Senator's office - one holding a protest sign and another to take a picture! Let us know how we can help.

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