Friday, February 10, 2006

Judy Golub Joins Immigrant Legal Resource Center

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Executive Director, Judith Golub, formerly of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  Given Judy’s professional experience, her leadership, presence, and skills promise to usher in important developments for the ILRC, as well as for immigrants throughout California and the rest of the United States. 

Judy joins the ILRC in San Francisco following nearly 20 years of policy advocacy in our nation’s capital. Among the many assets she brings to the organization is her ability to build bridges between the policy and advocacy communities in Washington D.C. and grassroots immigrants in California and other states.  Working together, we look forward to expanding our effectiveness in helping build the strength and raising the collective voice of the immigrant community.

Highlights of Accomplishments
As a leader herself, Judy believes strongly in empowering immigrants, having trained many on best practices in working with the Congress, the media, and in getting their stories out to the general public.  She understands that positive reform of our immigration laws can be achieved only with an empowered field that is working in concert with national organizations.  To that end, she created an Advocacy Training Institute held annually in Washington D.C., and developed a congressional and media training program that she brought to 20 cities nationwide.

Judy also is known as one of the premiere immigration lobbyists in Washington D.C., and has developed extensive relationships with Congressional offices.  Understanding the importance of the media in setting the terms of the debate on immigration, Judy has developed important contacts in the print and broadcast media. She has been quoted extensively in the national and regional media, and has created effective media outreach programs. She also is skilled in creating and leading coalitions and developing targeted communication strategies that integrate Congressional advocacy and grassroots initiatives with media outreach to promote legislative goals. Judy is an effective and creative strategist with the ability to spot issues and implement supporting tactical activities, and a skilled writer and speaker able to address the concerns of different audiences.

Advocating for the rights of immigrants is a necessary component to our advancing the promise of democracy.  It’s what the ILRC is all about, and it’s why we hope you’ll help us welcome our new Executive Director, continue to support the ILRC, utilize our expertise and many resources, and work with us to build a society that values diversity and respects the dignity and rights of all people.

The ILRC is a national resource center that provides trainings, materials and advocacy to advance immigrant rights. As a legal services organization, we train lawyers and paralegals on ever-changing and complex immigration law. We develop leadership by encouraging immigrants to play leading roles in confronting and reshaping the laws and policies that perpetuate racial, economic and social injustice. And we educate and empower those in the immigrant community so that they may organize and advocate for the rights and privileges that best define our democratic traditions.


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